jamaicaPicture this:  You’ve just graduated from college.  You don’t have a job, and as a result have plenty of time and location independence with which to enjoy your freedom.  You check you email one day to discover the following message:  “Some guy told me about this yesterday then Tim Ferris tweeted it.  http://www.jetblue.com/deals/all-you-can-jet/?intcmp=HPHero1Eng_All-You-Can-JetPass You should dip out for a month and travel all over for 600$ staying in hostels or wherever!”  You follow the link to discover the ticket covers all travel to unlimited destinations between September 8 and October 8.  30 days of not stop travel for the bargain of six hundred dollars! What do you do?

What I did:  I was instantly very excited.  After a few days of deliberation I bought the ticket.  The pass flies to many locations that would cost almost the price of the all-you-can-jet ticket for a one way flight!  With only two or three such locations the ticket would more than pay for itself.

Another issue was being able to afford accommodations and activities while abroad.  As a traveler time is the most important commodity, however budget is usually the most limiting.  To escape the confines of a tight budget I’m employing a few techniques.

  1. Joining couchsurfing.org, a global social networking site made for travelers.  It is a community of individuals whose goal it is to make the world a friendlier and more unified place.  They do this by offering their couch or spare bed for travelers to sleep on for free, or by offering to show someone around.
  2. Traveling to places with a favorable exchange rate, thus increasing the power of my budget.
  3. Traveling with a companion which allows costs to be shared.
  4. Staying in Hostels and guesthouses, not hotels or resorts.

With the addition of these techniques the trip became so affordable I couldn’t miss the oppurtunity.  The next question is: where do I go?  It was an easy question to answer.  After learning about the possiblilties, and researching each destination either in a guide book, or on wikitravel, I outlined a rough itinerary.  My choices for visitation are based upon the activities found there, the culture, the reputation, and my preconception of what the place will be like.  While the last item is a poor predictor of what a destination is like, I find picking this way to be enjoyable because place are never completely what you expected them to be.

My Rough Itinereary:

  • Sept 8 12:30AM Fly out of Denver International Airport. ~10AM Arrive in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Spend time snorkeling, surfing, relaxing, hiking, exploring, and drinking girly drinks with umbrellas.  Perhaps travel to the Blue Mountains, famous for their excellent coffee.
  • Sept 12 Fly to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic via New York.  Explore villages, beaches, and ocean.  Perhaps take buses to other areas of the island.  Work on my Spanish.
  • Sept 19 Fly to Puerto Rico.  Travel by bus through the country.  Learn to Salsa dance (better), and maximize time in Aguadilla spent surfing.
  • Sept ~29 Fly to Bogota, Columbia.  Explore the city.  Go do some adventure sports.
  • Oct ? Visit mystery destiniation- TBD.

Any recommendations, tips, or places to visit?