As a die-hard enthusiast of practical philosophy and life-hacking,  Youtube has been a major source of the two I’s: information and inspiration.  Free access to a virtually unlimited supply of videos and subject ranging from Bill Gates to C.P. Cavafy (not to mention the T.E.D. videos) is an amazing thing!  It has allowed me to develop my deepen my understanding, and therefore connection with the world.  Below are the best of the best.  The top five videos that are extremely entertaining and have the power to not only change your mood, but to change your life (if you let them).

1. Music and Life:

2.  George Costanza Does the Opposite:

This episode of Seinfeld actually communicates a principle used in real-life situations.  Sports psychologist and coach Tim Gallwey recommends that a struggling athlete occasionally miss points on purpose; doing the opposite of what they’re supposed to do.  This can release the consuming desire to win that disrupts their state of flow, or their affinity to “get in the zone”.

George is also manipulating the tension between comfort and action.  His whole life he has made the comfortable choice, and by doing the exact opposite of his impulse (the habit of choosing comfort) he is driven toward massive action.  After seeing this episode on TV I was inspired to try the technique.  I spent a week monitoring my inner state, and whenever I had an impulse to be comfortable I would pick the opposite.  Let’s just say I met a lot of new and exciting people that week.

3. Bare Necessities.  This should be the theme song for all vagabonds and travelers.  Learn it and sing it while you’re packing:  This is also a great lifestyle philosophy.

Honorable Mention:  Nike’s No Excuses Commercial.  I don’t like to advertise brands, but the video is so inspiring it deserves veiwing.  It is also a great preface for the next 2 videos:

4.  Feeling depressed?  What’s your excuse?

5.  Dick and Rick Hoyt:

People are often more intelligent than they let on.  Case in point: Hoyt Jr.   He wasn’t able to communicate his intelligence until around age 13.  It would’ve been very easy for someone to write him off as a vegetable until that point.  That would have been a huge mistake.  People are not always as they are perceived.